$690 USD instead of $890 USD

ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT – Use code: first5

Clarity Coaching

Let’s make 2023 your biggest year yet!
Looking for clarity, strategy and someone to guide you each and every step of the way?
1:1 coaching, tailored to help you build a profitable & conscious business doing what you love!

Do you...

  • Lack confidence and direction in your business?
  • Feel like you’re on a one step forward, two step back journey?
  • Have the drive and passion for success, but not the clarity?
  • Feel alone in your business? 

Then we’re meant to be!

From Confusion to Clarity

Is this what you’re craving for your business?


$690 USD instead of $890 USD

ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT – Use code: first5

The Clarity Coaching Program

5 X 90 minute 1 on 1 sessions

Once a week for 5 weeks, we’ll delve into specific aspects of your business, creating that clarity, structure, and direction we all crave.

Session 1Business/Brand Strategy (the What, Why and How of your brand messaging). A strong foundation is the key to smashing your business goals.

Session 2: Ideal Client Clarity: Who are you selling to? The roadmap to becoming an expert and an authority in your industry.

Session 3Create your signature offer! And learn how to build a profitable and purposeful online business.

Session 4: Social Media Mastery. Create high-converting content, build a community of engaged leads and take the stress out of socials by streamlining your processes and tools. 

Session 5: More income for more impact! Learn how to attract dream clients on social media and adopt an ethical selling mindset!

Get a direct line to me – for any questions you may have or extra guidance that you might need – via Asana, for up to 30 days after we finish our coaching.

Your own personalised  calendar full of ideas and tips for a full month of content.

$890 USD

$900 USD


What others are saying.

What others are saying.

“It’s been a great experience! I’ve been spending less time on social media, but the time that I do spend is far more purposeful. If you’re thinking of working with Raquel – you should!”

Elena - The Purpose Effect

What’s so special about this coaching?!

I wish there could’ve been someone there to give me all the answers, and help me like I can help you!

I spent years navigating the small business world, learning from Google, wasting time, failing and starting again – all so you don’t have to. I’ve harnessed these lessons, turning them into a coaching program that’ll help you get the most out of your passion.

You could do it on your own – and I’m sure you’re capable. But, let’s bypass that struggle, and lack of clarity – and get you on that structured path to success!

Hey! I’m Raquel.

I’ve been in your shoes

I’m not your average Social Media Manager turned online coach. You know the ones I’m talking about – selling you followers, growth or a get rich quick plan.

After 6 years in Audiovisual Production, creating web and TV commercials for luxury brands, 2 years in corporate communications, and 3 years as a self employed SMM, I’ve seen a LOT! From the structure and flow of 9-5 life to the freedom of being a freelancing expat I’ve done the time, and learnt plenty of lessons!

Not to mention, I work in three different languages – English, French, Spanish – and have clients of 8 different nationalities.

No matter where you are in the world, I can help you out!


$690 USD instead of $890 USD

ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT – Use code: first5

How does the coaching work?


You book your 1:1 program HERE.

You fill out the questionnaire – you’ll tell me all about you, your biz and how you feel!



You book your first call where we’ll touch base and organise our sessions.

We have our weekly 90 minute session.



At the end of every session, I’ll update Asana with a recap of what we’ve been working on, related documents and potential homework.

You touch base with any queries you might have, through our Asana chat.



After 5 weeks, or all of our sessions are complete, you have a month’s access to me for any questions, concerns or extra guidance via Asana!

You are…
I am…

Missing the clarity to keep moving forward.

Here to provide the structure and direction you crave!

Worried that your business isn’t on the right track.

Going to help you build a plan that works towards your goals… not away from them.

Scared that you might lose your passion and give up.

All about helping you find that motivation and spark.

Just starting out, and need some guidance in setting up.

Here to give you the stepping stones to clarity in your business.

What others are saying.

This is for you if:

This isn’t for you if:


$690 instead of $890

ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT – Use code: first5

Let’s answer those burning questions…

I see it simply as being responsible with your practices – in all aspects of business. We all have a huge role in being conscious of our future and the world around us. Whether it’s care for your clients and customers, your employees, or the environment, as a conscious business owner, you always have the best interests of those around you at heart. You might have a sustainable product, or you might be standing up and making a cultural or societal change. Whatever it is, I LOVE it and I’m here to help!

Payments are made via Stripe through a checkout page – it’s very easy, the same way as you would purchase any product from your favourite online store! I ask for payments to be made in one amount prior to getting started.

We will communicate mainly through Asana and Google. If you haven’t used these before, don’t worry – we’ll go through everything in our first session!

If you cancel more than 48 hours before the session, you’ll receive a 50% refund, otherwise there will be no refund. However, if you need to you’re welcome to reschedule your session for free within the next 3 months.

Instead of giving you the recording of our sessions, I’ll instead create a recap document with all of the details, to ensure that you have full access to all the information for as long as you need it!

No matter where you are or what you do, if you have an online business that is centred around bringing positivity to the world, I’ve got your back! The content tips and plan will be applicable to you, no matter your industry. 

Well, what would you prefer?

Option 1:

Go at it by yourself (like I did!), fail, make tonnes of mistakes and feel lost – eventually fighting your way to success. 

Option 2:

Invest in strategy in clarity once, and be in a position to get the results you crave in just a couple of months!

If the answer’s clear to you, you’re in the right place!

Clarity, direction and strategy to help you turn those business dreams into reality.

You can keep doubting your business. Or you can go all in and get ready to build a business that fuels your life!