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7 Video Editor Apps Every Content Creator Needs To Use

If you’ve been struggling to diversify your content or feeling like it’s just visually the same old same old, then let’s level up your video editing game this year!

Check out these seven video editor apps that I swear by. Each one brings something special to the table and if you’re not using them yet, then get ready to step up your 2022 content.


Formerly known as ViaMaker, CapCut is a video editing app created by the founders of TikTok. It’s a FREE app that gives you access to trending songs, filters, stickers, and more!


InShot has an amazing range of editing tools, effects, filters, etc. Chances are that many of the trending Reels you saw on Instagram (like duplicating yourself!) were made on this app!


Kapwing is a collaborative online video editor. You can record, edit, and export high-quality videos and access them from anywhere! My favorite feature: the subtitler! You can easily add subtitles to your video by pressing one single button! How cool is that?


Zoomerang is a beginner-friendly app. So if you’re just starting with video creation this app is for you! It comes with one-button editing tools and tutorials to help you create your first videos!


Looking to add visual effects to your next video? Then Funimate is for you! Not only will you have access to 100+ effects, but you will also be able to create your own visual effects! So let’s get creative!


Canva has evolved a lot in the past couple of months and is now positioning itself as a video maker-editor app (on top of being an amazing online design tool!) So if you’re looking to create YouTube videos, stories or even Reels, you can now get creative with Canva!


Timbre is the perfect app to edit video and audio! You can cut, merge, trim, and convert video and audio files. So if you’re looking to create your original audio and start your own trend, this app is your best choice!

I challenge you to pick TWO of the apps listed and try them out! You might reach more people, boost your engagement, or even better have fun creating!


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