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10 Social Media Content Ideas for Brands

So a new year has started, which feels like a fresh start for many of us. It’s a time to try something new, get on top of things, or for some of us, take our social media content to the next level!

Have you been posting the same old same old and feeling like you just need something new? Trust me, we’ve all been there.

This is why I’ve gathered 20 of my FAVORITE content ideas for brands that will definitely diversify and spice up your social media.

1. How To -Tutorial: Demonstrate your product or services in a How-To format so your audience can follow the steps on how to use your product or understand how your services work.

EXAMPLE: If you sell a skincare product, you should do a step-by-step tutorial of how to use that product, the time of day, how much, how often, and things like that to help answer those questions for your potential customers.

2. FAQ: Create a list of common questions your clients/customers have along with your answers so your audience can learn from you with ease!

EXAMPLE: If you keep getting questions about shipping costs for your product, this is a PERFECT kind of question to include in an FAQ

3. Behind The Scenes: Your customers and audience will LOVE to know what goes on behind the scenes. It makes them feel more connected to your business and it’s easy!

EXAMPLE: If you’re a brand designer, record a timelapse of your computer screen as you design a new logo!

4. Celebrate a National Day!: (# Calendar) National days are a great source for content because almost every day is a national day of some sort! And if you don’t know these National Days or want it all laid out ahead of time for ease, that’s when having a calendar of social media holidays and events comes in handy!

EXAMPLE: If you’re a hairdresser, make sure you know that National Hair Dresser Day is April 25th and do something a little extra special on that day for your audience!

With my 2022 Hashtags Calendar, you will have daily content ideas and specific #s to boost your creativity, engagement, and reach!

5. Testimonial/UGC: Testimonials are one of the most IMPORTANT forms of content you can include. They boost your brand’s credibility and show your audience WHY people love your brand!

EXAMPLE: If you have a really positive review from a previous customer, SHARE IT with your audience!

6. Create a Meme: Everyone loves memes, so why not create your own?! It’s fun AND your audience will love seeing your brand’s creativity! If you need a template to get started, check out my Memes & GIFs Instagram Templates!

EXAMPLE: If you’re a photographer, make a meme about what you experience when working with clients.

7. Jump on a Trend (Reel or other!): Trends are one of the BEST ways to reach a wider audience.

EXAMPLE: If you see that reel being made with that one audio, use that audio too! If you see people loving graphics, make some of your own!

8. Share some wisdom: Share your experiences and what you’ve learned. Opening up to your audience like this, allows them to connect and relate to you. Being relatable is SO important and often overlooked in an online environment, so if you can do this, you’re ahead of the game!

EXAMPLE: Share that one time you screwed up but now you laugh when you think about it because we’re all human and make mistakes.

9. Share secrets/Tips/Hacks: Everyone loves a quick tip or trick to help them out! Share a secret of yours and make your audience feel special, or share your favorite hack, and then they’ll start seeing you as an expert.

EXAMPLE: If you’re a business coach you can share your top tip for racking up those sales!

10. Fill in the blank: This one is great for engagement. Give people a sentence with a blank and this gets the ball rolling and a conversation between you going!

EXAMPLE: “If you could travel to one place in the world it would be ________.

11. Meet the team: Show off your team! It’s yet another way for your audience to connect with your brand and the people that stand behind it!

EXAMPLE: Post a picture and a quote from each team member about what they do.

12. Tease your upcoming release/New product: If you have a new release or product launch coming up ALWAYS tease it. Get it out there so your audience knows something’s coming and because they can’t know what it is yet, they’re going to want to know all the more. This gets the excitement going around your brand!

EXAMPLE: If you offer virtual assistant services and have a new service you opening up for clients, tease them about it in advance to create hype and excitement! This gets your audience wanting to know what’s coming and to be part of it.

13. Share your achievements/journey: Show people how proud you are and how far your business has come! Showing people your business journey gets them invested in your brand and what’s you’ve created.

EXAMPLE: If you’ve been in business for a year, CELEBRATE it with your audience!

14. Infographics/Industry stats: Be proud of your stats, if they show how successful your business has been, show them off! You should brag at least a little bit!

EXAMPLE: If your engagement stats have jumped up recently, screenshot and share to your story so people can celebrate with you!

15. Recycle your own content: A few months ago you had a post that performed really well? Then don’t be shy and reuse it! The secret to repurposing is switching up the delivery. It’s all about sharing the same content in a wide variety of ways. No one will know the difference and if they’ve loved it before they’ll love it again

16. Prepare an order with me!: This is a GREAT content idea for product-based businesses. Walk your audience through your process as you wrap a product and prep it for shipping. People love to feel involved in the business process. It gets them excited and entices them to make their own purchase.

EXAMPLE: If you make and sell jewelry, just share a quick video of how you make one of your pieces, prepare and package it to be sent off to a customer!

17. Guest post: This could be a live, a collaboration post, or even a take over on your platform by your guest! Switching things up for your audience diversifies your content, plus bringing on a guest is exciting and shows how involved your brand is on social media.

EXAMPLE: Reach out to your online community and bring on a friend or colleague just to chat about what both of you do for your businesses.

18. Promote your freebie!: Amongst all the tips, tricks, FAQs, and BTS, don’t forget to promote your free products! People always love FREE things so make sure you get it out there so they can see it as often as possible!

EXAMPLE: You’re a bookkeeper with a new FREE timetable designed to help business owners organize their expenses? TELL PEOPLE.

19. Share a tool, book, or product recommendation that is relevant to your business: People love to hear about your favorite tools or recommendations of any kind because it’s another way for them to connect with you.

EXAMPLE: If you read this book that completely changed how you run your business, tell your audience about it! If you use asana for project management and team coordination, tell them about that too!

20. AMA (aka Ask Me Anything): This one is especially good to use on your stories, your audience will get to know you better and therefore relate more with you, your brand, and your vision!

EXAMPLE: Use the Question Sticker to let people ask you anything they have in mind (you can guide them with a topic like “any questions you have about my business journey”). To start the conversation, here’s a little trick: ask yourself a question and answer it to motivate others to do the same! Psst: no one will know it’s you 😉

I hope this range of content ideas helps you kick start your social media content for the new year! And don’t forget these 20 ideas can be repurposed! So technically, I’ve given you at least 40 ideas, if you think about it like that 🙂

If you haven’t tried these out before, there’s a first time for everything, so why not for the new year!


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